Short selections of projects that I made as a freelancer or in agencies.
Graphic design, video, illustrations.

Shop Lights - 1/2 (App design)

Shop Lights - Sadly this project never came to life...

Shop Lights - 2/2 (App design)

Shop lights templates.

Shop Icons (App design)

Little shop icons.

Self adjustable prosthesis - video

Made for the Fab Lab Amsterdam (2014).

Nuit Blanche - Poster

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam - Poster (2013)

Nuit Blanche - Teaser

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam - Teaser (2013)

Joie - Iñigo Montojà!

Video clip for Iñigo Montojà! - Made with Romain André (2015)

La Fine Mousse

T-Shirt for La Fine Mousse, beer bar in Paris (2017).

Craft Beer France

Logo for a craft beer importer based in France (2017).